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My name is Leslie Aurelio. I live in Los Angeles. Look here for free or almost free things to do in and around Los Angeles.

Pull Some Stunts On Halloween November 14, 2008

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Thank you Natural History Museum for letting the public throw awesome parties.


Have Mom throw a garden party November 9, 2008

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Everything about it was lovely.



The herb garden was lovely.

herb garden


The fountain was lovely.

fountain garden


My parents were lovely.

mom & dad


My In Laws were lovely.

In Laws


The games were lovely.



The toilet paper wedding dresses were lovely.

Sam's wedding dress


The night was lovely.

Family at night


Shareen Part III

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This time it was for MY Bridal Shower. And this time it was in Venice at a cute little house hidden off of Abbott Kinney.

A definite purchase

Courtney the mannequin.

Courtney material girl

Trying on lots of shiny things.

Pointer Sisters


Friends + appetizers = good times

Jennie & Colleen


Watching me open gifts.

Can’t show you my gifts. They’re private.

Angela, Courtney, Audrey


Things to do in San Miguel de Allende October 16, 2008

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Meet the local artists.

Spare some change.

Hang out.

See what’s behind closed doors.


Pay attention to the details.



Things to do in Lake Tahoe October 14, 2008

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Miniature golf



Go to the library



Wake up at dawn


Things to do in New York

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Fly Virgin America



Find a roof top view




Take the subway



Eat pastrami



Take the tram to Margaret Island


Thrift on Margaret Island



Play the building


Go to The Met rooftop


Be fab at the pre-fab at MOMA






Walk the Brooklyn Bridge


Open Mic BBQ

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Serenading on the lawn.



On the menu:

bacon-wrapped hot dogs

corn on the cob

watermelon and cherries

cactus cooler




Party polaroids.